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Cat Breeds - Short Haired -
Abyssinian: Today's Abyssinian retains a resemblance to the noble cats depicted in . American Shorthair: Ideal American Shorthairs exude symmetry, with the . came about after crosses with a sable Burmese and a black American Shorthair.

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    American Shorthair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The American Shorthair (ASH) is a breed of cat believed to be descended . Some even come in deep tones of black, brown, or other blends and combinations.

    American Shorthairs for Sale | Cats on Oodle Marketplace
    Find American Shorthairs for Sale on Oodle Marketplace. . Black, good mouser. llikes to play. Find out if . Purebred American Shorthair Kittens with TICA Reg .

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    American Shorthair Kittens
    These American Shorthair kittens for sale are the cutest kittens, .

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    Domestic Shorthair Information, Pictures of Domestic Shorthairs ...
    In the U.S., cats first came over with the Pilgrims. Some of these cats went on to be the foundation for pure breeds like the American Shorthair, while others bred .

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    American Short hair Cats, lithe and powerful.
    American Shorthair cats are most often seen with a silver tabby coat but, in fact, these charming felines appear in a wide variety of coats. Solid black, white, blue, .

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  • American Shorthair Cat | Cat Breeds | Petfinder
    American Shorthair Cats Available on Petfinder Right Now . With the black markings set against the brilliant silver background, the pattern is dynamic and .

  • Shelby the quiet Bombay meows. - YouTube
    Apr 11, 2010 . This is a short haired cat that comes in only black. . a miniature black panther by crossing a sable Burmese with a black American Shorthair.

  • Breed: American Shorthair
    Jul 4, 2010 . Breed profile and photos of the American Shorthair. . Records indicate that the " Mayflower" carried several cats to hunt ship's rats. . The most well-known American Shorthair color today is the silver tabby, with dense black .

  • American Shorthair Cat Breed
    The American Shorthair is thought to be descendent from cats that were brought to the . SMOKE: Black Smoke; Blue Smoke; Cameo Smoke (Red Smoke); .

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  • Choosing an American Shorthair - Page 1
    Shorthaired domestic cats arrived in America with European settlers because it was . because of his distinct black markings set off on a vivid silver background.

  • American Shorthair Cats Photo Album - Blakkatz Hermione
    "Blakkatz Hermione, a solid black American Shorthair." - Michelle Bernard, Blakkatz Cattery. Michelle Bernard is the author of the book, Raising Cats Naturally, .

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Black American Shorthair Kittens >> Best Cat Breeds - Popular cat ...
Jan 5, 2012 . American Shorthair is a famous cat breed. Many people adopt the American Shorthair cat for their family pet. The American ... Read More .

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Oklahoma City american shorthair Cats & kittens For Sale | eBay ...
Find Oklahoma City american shorthair Cats & kittens for sale: male & female domestic . She has a short black and white piebald pattern coat and large aqua .

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British Shorthairs for Sale | Cats on Oodle Marketplace
$500 Black British Shorthair Kitten . Black British Shorthair male 9 weeks old. . kittens ready for new home. they are approximately 12 weeks old, contact us for .

FBRL Retired Friends: American Shorthair Cats Looking For Homes
American Shorthair retired cats, American Shorthair cats for sale, American Shorthair cats for adoption.