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Using ANSI SQL style DECLARE CURSOR statement in UDF ...
Jun 22, 2005 . Today I encountered a post in the Microsoft Technical forums where a user was trying to use the ANSI SQL style DECLARE CURSOR .

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    10 ANSI Dynamic SQL
    Use this statement to allocate a SQL descriptor area. . The possible ANSI descriptor item names are listed in the following table. . The DYNAMIC DECLARE CURSOR statement .

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    Embedded SQL Statements and Precompiler Directives
    DECLARE DATABASE (Oracle Embedded SQL Directive) . To obtain information about an ANSI SQL statement, and store it in a descriptor. ENABLE .

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    ANSI Dynamic SQL
    Consider the SQL statement: SELECT ename, empno FROM emp WHERE deptno = :deptno_data. The steps you follow to use ANSI dynamic SQL are: Declare .

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    SQL statements
    Use the ALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR statement to declare the name and allocate memory for a . This statement is an extension to the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL.

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  • Examples of Cursors in ANSI-Compliant Databases
    Nov 16, 2005 . EXEC SQL declare x_curs cursor for select * from customer_ansi; . The PREPARE statement lets you assemble the text of an SQL statement at .

  • Writing a Pro*COBOL Program
    within SQL statements at the end of a line (but not after the last line of the SQL statement), . With ANSI mode. you must declare either SQLSTATE or SQLCODE.

  • Precompiler Concepts
    Every program variable used in a SQL statement must be declared . With MODE =ANSI, either SQLSTATE or SQLCODE must be declared, but SQLCA is not .

  • SQL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    SQL became a standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in . Insignificant whitespace is generally ignored in SQL statements and queries, . Each column in an SQL table declares the type(s) that column may contain.

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  • declaring primary/foreign keys in sql - dBforums
    Hi If i have two foreign keys in a table which make up my primary key, do i actually write in the SQL that they are the primary keys? I know you .

  • X++, ANSI SQL Comparison: SQL Select [AX 2012]
    Sep 20, 2011 . In X++, the SQL select statement syntax differs from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specification.

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Embedded SQL Statements
The BEGIN DECLARE SECTION statement can be included anywhere that COBOL . with Embedded SQL implementations that do not conform to the ANSI SQL .

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Jul 30, 1992 . Preparable and immediately executable SQL-statements .......56 4.22. . manipulation ............................................371 13.1 <declare cursor> .

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FIPS 127-2 - Database Language SQL
Embedded SQL, to define how SQL statements may be syntactically . In the previous ANSI SQL specification, items in a (parameter declaration list) were .

Oracle Dynamic SQL
Use ANSI Dynamic SQL method 4 instead. What is Dynamic SQL? Advantages . Using Method 4. Using the DECLARE STATEMENT Statement. Using PL/SQL .