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Common and Trade Names of Chemicals
This page contains common and trade names of chemicals.

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    Methane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Methane. IUPAC name. Methane (substitutive); Tetrahydridocarbon (additive). Identifiers . The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive fuel.

    Alkane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The simplest possible alkane (the parent molecule) is methane, CH4. . Simple branched alkanes often have a common name using a prefix to distinguish them .

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    Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet
    Right to Know. Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet. Common Name: METHANE. CAS Number: 74-82-8. RTK Substance Number: 1202. Synonyms: Biogas; Fire .

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    What is the common name for methane in chemistry
    What is the common name for methane in chemistry? In: Chemistry [Edit categories]. Answer: Improve. Methane is both the common and the IUPAC name .

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    What is a common name for methane
    Common name for methane? the common name for methane is CH4. What is the common name for methane? there is no common name for methane. What is .

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  • BBC - Wales - Glossary
    Most mine gases have a proper name and a common name. e.g. methane is known as firedamp, the reason being that damp is an abbreviation of the german .

  • Nomenclature
    The IUPAC name is aminomethane because the amino group is attached to a methane chain. (The common names are also given here, we will get to those .

  • Methane Mixture: Methane / Oxygen / Nitrogen
    CHEMICAL NAME: Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen. COMMON NAMES/ SYNONYMS : Methane in Air, Methane in Nitrogen. TDG (Canada) CLASSIFICATION: 2.1 .


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  • Organic Nomenclature
    The names methane through decane should be memorized, since they constitute the root of many IUPAC names. Fortunately, common numerical prefixes are .

    Practice with Names
    Let's look at how to name the compounds we just worked with (from exercise 15). . was named long before its formula was figured out and it is called methane. . But of course its common name as well as its chemical name is water.

  • Print Chemistry II - Study Guide Exam 2 | Quizlet
    Chloroform (common name). 39. Halo alkanes/Alkyl Halides when TWO HYDROGENS are REPLACED with CHLORINE in this compound METHANE: - .

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Advisory on Methane Assessment and Common Remedies at ...
Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute DTSC's endorsement or . 5.0 COMMON REMEDIES FOR METHANE SITES. 5.1 Excavation .

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Product Safety Assessment BIS-TRIS? Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino ...
Nov 3, 2011 . BIS-TRIS is the common name for bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino-tris(hydroxymethyl) methane, a tertiary amine compound containing five hydroxyl .

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Oil and Gas - Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Methane
Oil is the common name for petroleum, or crude oil, a highly .

Naming Ethers : Names of Ether Compounds : Organic Chemistry
How to name ethers: Ethers may be defined as any of a class of organic compounds . . there are also some non-standard names for ethers in common usage. . of e.g. "ethoxymethane" as having the molecular structure of methoxyethane, .