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Natural Thyroid Remedies: Restore Thyroid Balance with Natural ...
Cold hands and feet. Sallow, yellow complexion, constipation, irritable and sluggish, indifference to loved ones. Better mental occupation and physical exercise.

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    Annual guide to women's health: homeopathy offers incredibly ...
    If this sounds like you, take a 6C dose of Lycopodium every two hours, up to 10 . itchy vaginal discharge [] you cry a lot [] you feel indifferent, even to loved ones.

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    drlockie.com - Hair Loss
    Hair loss after childbirth, or premature baldness and greying Lycopodium 6c; Hair . after childbirth or at menopause, indifference towards loved ones Sepia 6c .

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    In such cases one may see no aggression or cruelty; the organism is occupied solely . in which they completely lack confidence, they have no feelings of love or warmth. . They are capable of torturing animals and can be indifferent to the torture of . There may be some tendency to confuse Anacardium with Lycopodium.

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    Self Help Remedies
    Many digestive disorders, especially wind (cf Lycopodium). . 1 Remedy for teething children especially if child has one red cheek. . Indifferent to loved ones.

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  • Sepia - Homeopathic Remedies
    mind; emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; indifference, apathy, etc.; to loved ones;. mind; emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; indifference, apathy, etc.; .

  • Depression & its Homoeopathic Approach
    love from disappointment. masturbation . Lycopodium: - It is indicated for depression. There is LACK OF . INDIFFERENCE TO LOVED ONES. There is .

  • Homeopathy for the Hormonal Problems of Women | Homeopathy ...
    Today I want to tell you briefly about one woman's hormonal remedy that is very . or they can be indifferent to the people they love, and have a lot of anger or . are a love of watching thunderstorms, which Carcinosin and Lycopodium also .

  • Catherine R. Coulter Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines Vol.1
    Or she has simply become "indifferent to her loved ones" (Hering). But Sepia . granted (Sulphur, Lycopodium), but rather as a responsibility — or even a burden .

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  • Arthritis-Homeopathy - Hair Loss & Homeopathy
    Amongst alternative methods one of the most effective is, by far, homeopathy; . Graphite, Lycopodium, Calcarea Carbonica are often useful against hair loss, both . you also suffer from mood swings, irritability, indifference towards loved ones .

  • Enjoy Holiday With Homeopathy - Homeopathy World Community
    Dec 14, 2010 . Lycopodium But some people have the opposite problem when they travel. . come up because the memory of their lost loved ones opens the wound in . leading to indifference and apathy with yelling and snapping at your .

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Alopecia – Premature Hair Loss | Vital Brand
Lycopodium is said to help premature baldness and greying – take the 6X . or at the menopause, and accompanied by feelings of indifference to loved ones, .

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Convalescence | Perfect Health Body and Mind
There is a marked indifference to loved ones and visitors. . Constipation: Stool large, dry and hard – Bryonia, Bloated, windy, no desire – Lycopodium.

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SECTION 3 – LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM. . This book provides a systematic one-year study plan for a beginner in homeopathy. It introduces, and provides . Creativity means the experience of newness, evolution, enhancement in loving .

Carbo veg 1-800 Homeopathy
While very similar to Lycopodium's indigestion, Carbo veg usually has more . and indifferent or harsh to loved ones (even just temporarily), Carbo veg may .