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Optimal foraging theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emlen (1966) published a paper on foraging behavior at the same time [indeed, in the . Animals typically eat the most profitable prey types more than would be .

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    Theories of humor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    There are many theories of humor which attempt to explain what humor is, what . there is no consensus about which of these three theories of humor is most viable. . However, an essentially new ingredient, a role of timing, is added to a well .

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    Evolutionary theories of aging and longevity
    At present the most viable evolutionary theories are the mutation . At this time, the evolutionary theories of aging are not ultimate completed theories, but rather .

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    MIT Center for Theoretical Physics - Research - String Theory
    String theory (and its alter ego M-theory) is currently the most viable candidate for a . Hong Liu is working on string theory in time-dependent backgrounds, .

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    PROGRESSIVE CREATIONISM - What is progressive creationism ...
    There are many versions of the Gap Theory, but most agree that the time supposedly “required” by modern science can be put into this assumed gap. During this .

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  • What are the different theories of the creation of the planet
    Theories One of the most commonly-held theories is that the Earth and the other . this view, which is considered the only viable theory by the scientific community . . though there is disagreement over whether the Earth was created at the time .

    But times changed, and Milton Friedman (1969d), with his restatement of the . Differences between the monetary theories of Friedman and those of Hayek, . These critics would not take Hayek to be the most viable alternative to Friedman.

  • Weird Physics of New Theories of the Origin of Our Universe
    Mar 3, 2012 . The standard theory of cosmic inflation states that our universe . Sunday's ' Comment of the Day' --"The Pale Red Dot" --13.2 Billion Years Old: The Most Distant Object in . which predicts the existence of extra dimensions of space- time. . Viable theories must incorporate either inflation or quantum gravity.

  • Think in Terms of Cycles; Not Lines | Psychology Today
    Apr 18, 2012 . Most of our Western concepts of time are linear. Chronos . There is no viable theory for timing in economics or sociology or military science.

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  • Truth [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
    Sep 17, 2004 . The most important theories of truth are the Correspondence Theory, the Semantic . The principal problem is to offer a viable theory as to what truth itself . This philosophical problem of truth has been with us for a long time.

  • Cook : Iteration One More Time
    A neologicist set theory based on an abstraction principle (NewerV) codifying . provides the neologicist with the most viable reconstruction of set theory he is .

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5 The failure of market share liability is most evident in contexts outside DES, . while at the same time it explicitly opens the door to market share theory in its dicta. . As the Santiago opinion suggests, a viable form of market share theory in .

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Supersymmetry - - Thomson Reuters
The baseline time span for this database is (publication years) January 1, . Indeed, supersymmetry is a necessary ingredient for most viable string theories.

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Searching for Sodom and Gomorrah - Biblical Archaeology Review
Most traditional theories place the cities at the southern end of the Dead Sea, . They argued that during the time of Abraham, when the level of the Dead Sea was . that the southern location theory is done, it is the most viable spot and all the .

Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions
In time, these descriptions and interpretations entirely disappear. . selection: one theory becomes the most viable among the actual alternatives in a particular .