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Pennington Seed Knowledge Center
Personally, I would never really consider planting rye alone for deer with one possible exception. When it is too late or too cold to plant anything else especially .

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    Deciding What To Plant!
    So you've decided you want to plant some deer food plots. . be a weed problem if you try to establish another crop where rye grass has been planted before.

    Ryegrasses for deer food plots: Whitetail Stewards, Inc.
    Ryegrasses are often planted as a nurse crop for legumes such as clovers. Because the ryegrass grows faster than the legumes, deer graze it heavily in .

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    Cereal Grains for deer food plots: Whitetail Stewards, Inc.
    Winter varieties are generally planted in the fall and can provide deer with a . Rye is a cool-season cereal grain that is less preferred than oats or wheat, but is .

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    When to Plant Winter Rye for Deer |
    When to Plant Winter Rye for Deer. Winter rye, a cool-season cereal grain, not to be confused with annual ryegrass, an annual cool-season grass, makes a .

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    Planting for Wildlife
    Name. Animals Attracted. Type. Planting Date. Rate per acre .

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  • On-farm research: Weed FREE! An ode to rye.
    Sep 12, 2003 . No-till planting rye is looking really strong as a strategy. . The rye also provides habitat and feed for deer and geese in the fall and in spring.

  • Cereal Rye, Winter Rye, Fall Rye Grain - The Michigan Sportsman Forums
    The deer like the clover but rarely bother with the rye. Up in Michigan's NLP when would be the right time (in autumn) to plant a rye/ clover mix?

  • for White-tailed deer in louisiana
    should I plant to attract and hold deer on my hunting area? As with any . operations where fields of winter wheat and rye grass established as part of im- .

  • Winter Rye, The Poor Man's Foodplot With Big Results
    Our goal in planting winter rye for a deer foodplots is a lush, thick green carpet of tender greens that is highly palatable and attractive to the deer throughout the .

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  • - Killer Green Fields That Attract Deer During the ...
    I would never consider planting rye alone for deer with one exception. When it is too late or too cold to plant anything else, rye serves as an ideal late-fall or early .

  • White-Tailed Deer/Seasonal Deer Diets
    This is especially true for planted small grains such as wheat and rye, which deer use readily. Secondly, early cool temperatures and freezes cut short the .

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Lawns: fertilizer, planting rye grass, element nitrogen
Aug 6, 2004 . planting rye grass, element nitrogen, soil nitrogen: Hi Jean, Seeding and . power line, for planting rye grass for deer, and how much rye grass.

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P2111 Wildlife Food Planting Guide for the Southeast
Wildlife. FOOD PLANTING. Guide. FOR THE SOUTHEAST. Contents. 5 Soil and Vegetation Disturbances. 6 Openings. 9 White-Tailed Deer. Habitat and Food .

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How to Plant Rye Grass Food Plots |
They've planted rye---either perennial or annual---to make a food plot to attract... . How to Plant Rye for Deer · How to Prepare a Pasture for Rye Grass. Print this .

How to Plant Rye for Deer |
How to Plant Rye for Deer. Rye is a cereal grain used for human consumption, but rye grass is often planted as a food plot for deer. Along with other forage, deer .